Travel Exams

If you plan on traveling with your pet, whether it be state-to-state or to another country, you are required to have a health certificate completed by a USDA-certified veterinarian to ensure your pet’s health. This certificate requires a veterinarian’s examination and proof of current vaccines. 

All our veterinarians are USDA-certified and can provide health certificates for your cats and dogs for domestic and international travel.

Health Certificates


Ensure you know your airline’s timeline for completing a health certificate before travel. Generally, health certificates must be completed within ten days of domestic airline travel.


Be aware of any timelines needed to complete your pre-travel health checks. All countries have different requirements; some are much more stringent and complex than others. It may be necessary to begin the process at least six months before travel. It’s often recommended (and beneficial) to use a pet transport company to help in the process.


One of our veterinarians is also certified to provide health certificates for farm and exotic animals. Please call ahead to discuss your needs to ensure we have all the necessary forms, as these often vary from those for cats and dogs.

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