Hospital Manager

While studying Health Service Administration at CSU Chico, I fell in love with the idea of working in Veterinary care after finding out a good friend’s father owned his own vet clinic and had studied the same major as me. Human and Animal medicine are very similar, plus I get an excuse to see cute furry faces every day! After graduating college, I started in the Dental field as an office manager, and opened a brand new practice up in Chico, CA.

Being from Tracy, CA originally, I was beyond excited for the “win-win” opportunity to not only move closer to home but also work in the field I have always wanted to work in when offered to work at Disney Pet Hospital.
Growing up, our family always had dogs (primarily dachshunds) as well as hamsters, Leopard Geckos, and even a Duck at one point. I currently have a Chihuahua-Dach-Terrier mix named Yoda who is beyond spoiled and a bona fide drama king. I am a big advocate for the outdoors, and I enjoy camping, fishing, and hiking when I am not playing music.

Music is also a huge part of my life. I perform live music a couple times a month on average, and I play guitar/bass, piano, drums, I sing, and play a bit of harmonica.
I like to say if you give me 15 minutes with any instrument, I will figure out how to make it make noise, and hopefully it sounds decent. Working in healthcare is a perfect balance to my “rockstar” weekends, and music and medicine (specifically quality of care) are my two biggest passions.
I fell in love with medicine at a young age after being hospitalized (ironically) for about 6 months. I learned two things during my extended stay at San Joaquin General Hospital: 1. Medicine fascinates me.  2. I do not want to poke anybody, or get poked.
These two realizations prompted me to fall into healthcare operations, and I am blessed to be able to utilize those operational skills and further step towards my career goals in Vet-Med Operations.

I am excited to be a part of the Disney Pet Hospital team and ready to provide top quality care to the Concord community!