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Shara began her career at Disney Pet Hospital in 2001. As a member of the technician team she has had the opportunity to work with Veterinarians and other technicians with over thirty years of experience.  Through their guidance she has gained knowledge in many aspects of animal care including; pet handling, vaccination protocols, administering medication, blood testing, preparing animals for surgery; reception, clerical and administrative duties as well as professional client communications.  Four years ago Shara teamed up with a co-worker to start an overnight pet sitting and animal care business.  Through this experience she has had the opportunity to meet and get to know some wonderful people and animals, and she has had some interesting adventures, included rounding up sheep, feeding donkeys, and rescuing chickens.  Through all of her experience with pets Shara has learned much about the unique relationship we have with our animals and how important they are to us throughout our lives.

While working at Disney Pet Hospital Shara attended San Francisco State University and earned a double Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and in Political Science.  The skills she learned in the Communication Studies program have enhanced her ability to communication with our clients, and provided her with a deeper understanding of the social and cultural diversity of our community; this makes her extraordinarily helpful in understanding and meeting the needs of our clients.

Shara’s family has always owned Bouvier des Flandres — a large cattle herding breed from France.  Her current friend and the best dog ever is Miles Davis a 87lbs five year old puppy who loves to jump up and give kisses.  Two years ago her pet family grew with the addition of Benny Goodman Davis a terrier mutt of unknown origins.  Her family quickly fell in love with Benny and the two dogs have become the best of friends. You might have picked up on a musical theme in the dog names; yes Shara is a huge Jazz fan and attends many concerts around the Bay Area.

As a member of the Disney Pet Hospital team, Shara’s goal is to continue to provide the best care for your animals and it is her hope to share in your journey as a pet owner.